African Coffee

Java Gunung Wayang

The flavor of a hot cup echoes the sweet/bittersweet aspects of the aroma, a thick cacao-powder flavor highlighted by tartaric acidity and a grape skin note. The herbal/basil note sensed earlier too, comes out in the cup as it cools. It’s a very sweet Java, and while showing some rustic “Indo” characteristics, cups with a pleasant complexity and cleanliness. Dark roasts are loaded with chocolate tones, and make a great espresso option.

Kenya Othaya Gatuyaini AB

Complex raw sugar and a variety of citrus flavors highlight Gatuyaini AB, especially at City/City+. Pomegranate, cardamom spice, raisin, and a Darjeeling tea accent. Full City builds cocoa bittersweetness too, making for a wonderful Kenya espresso option. City to Full City+.

Laos Paksong Hills

Flavors of raw sugar and walnut play off each other in this Paksong coffee, with distant top notes of cacao and raw tobacco. City+ to Full City+.

Mexico Organic La Lagunilla Coop

A superb drinking coffee, with a mild profile of light brown sugar, roasted almond, and fading to bittersweet baking cocoa. This Mexico coffee shows great balance and cleanliness, two defining characteristics in the better coffees of the region. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

Panama Horqueta La Gloria Estate

La Gloria shows us a nice basic “coffee” coffee, cane juice backed by bittering cacao notes, roasted almond and a pleasant tea-like acidity. City+ to Full City+.

Papua New Guinea Kainantu Peaberry

Cream and caramelizing sugar flavors when hot, custard-like. A cooling City+ cup produces white grape and golden raisin notes, black tea brightness, and a sweet, clean finish. City to Full City+.

Peru FTO Palto Farmers Decaf

Simple syrup to muscovado sweetness. Cinnamon and all-spice hints in the finish, good balance and cleanliness for decaf. City+ to Full City+..

Rwanda Karenge-Rulindo SWP Decaf

Karenge Rulindo shows baking spices, bourbon sweetness, and malic acidity. It’s a bodied coffee, weighty in sweetness too, and a date bread flavor fills out the finish. City+ to Full City+. Good for Espresso

Sulawesi Bone-Bone Village

The fruit-forward profile of Bone-Bone combines well with rustic, syrupy sweetness, and thick body. The profile is complex, herbal notes, layers of raw sugars, and ripe tropicals. An impressive Sulawesi cup, with a lasting, slow-disappearing finish. City+ to Full City+..

Sumatra Organic Buah-Buahan

The cup has a layers of tropical fruit and developed-sugar sweetness, papaya, pineapple, punch, butterscotch, caramel. It’s Mandheling, so earth tones are also prominent and expressed as peat moss, wet cedar chips, and sweet forrest notes. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

Tanzania Kanji Lalji Farm Peaberry

Burned sugar, spice cake, fruit syrup, cinnamon, black tea with lemon.  City+ to Full City for the most complexity; Full City+ works, more chocolate roast tones, muted fruit and acidity.

Tanzania Mara Tarime

A coffee that balances sweet and bittersweet notes, and features blackberry fruit, Baker’s chocolate bittersweet flavor, and with a spiced accent. Exceeded our expectations at both light and darker roast levels. City to Full City+.