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Welcome to Miss Mary’s Perfect Roast Coffee

When Miss Mary established her coffee roasting company in 2012, she had already spent a lifetime in love with the perfect cup. It all began in suburban Detroit when Miss Mary was four years old, sitting at her neighbor’s kitchen table in the afternoons after school. “Tell me about your day,” Mrs. Schontz would ask as Miss Mary sipped her coffee, flavored with cinnamon sugar, from a china cup. Those chatty afternoons were a daily habit, and by the time Miss Mary was eight, the budding coffee purist had already eschewed sugar as well as cream. By high school, she was sneaking sips from a thermos she stashed in her locker. Determined to find that perfect cup, Miss Mary frequented gourmet coffee shops as a college student in East Lansing, Michigan. Committed to nurturing her obsession, she eventually became a barista and coffee shop manager. In 2000, not satisfied with the quality of the coffee she encountered, Miss Mary began roasting beans for herself. Encouraged by family and friends who said her coffee was the best they had ever had, Miss Mary established her business in rural Maryland more than a decade later, specializing in small batch custom coffee roasting. Today, Miss Mary takes pride in creating customized coffee perfection by providing exemplary service and roasting fresh beans exactly the way her customers prefer.


Miss Mary’s Perfect Roast operates out of an historic Victorian building in the quaint, small town of Buckeystown, Maryland. Specializing in small batch custom coffee roasting, Miss Mary roasts coffee the way you desire — not the way coffee shops think you should drink it. Miss Mary roasts your coffee when you order, and to your desired roast level, which can range from light to French roast to espresso roast. Other coffee roasters roast 50 pounds of coffee at a time and claim that as a “small batch.” Not Miss Mary. She roasts only one pound at a time, each from one of several regions throughout the world, providing you with the freshest, most delicious coffee available.


Consider your freshly roasted coffee like produce or a just-baked pastry — at its best for a limited time. Becoming a roasted bean is hard work, so coffee needs a minimum of a half-day’s rest after roasting before it can be brewed. However, like that pastry or produce, don’t wait too long before drinking, as coffee can lose some of its flavor after a week. We consider coffee — when it is stored properly — to be “fresh” for 7 days. Don’t be tempted by the display of coffee at the grocery store. This coffee is produced by large, centralized companies, and while well packaged, is not fresh. Before placing an order from Miss Mary’s, think about how much coffee you drink over the course of a week or so. Make sure to purchase just-roasted coffee frequently and only in amounts that you will use to ensure regular, tasty cups of fresh coffee. Store your whole beans in an airtight glass or ceramic container in a dark, cool, convenient place. Do not freeze or refrigerate your coffee because contact with moisture will cause it to deteriorate. Be mindful of your storage location, as cabinets next to an oven or an outside kitchen wall can sometimes be too warm.
Your attention is worth it, for as you know, there is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning (or afternoon, or evening, or all day, for that matter). Because Miss Mary is a neighborhood coffee roaster, and because she sells a limited variety of beans roasted in small batches daily, she truly offers fresh coffee. If you are not familiar with Miss Mary’s Perfect Roast and would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us. If you have questions or would like some assistance, we are more than happy to help.

We can be reached at 301-524-8810, Facebook, and here, at, where the perfect cup is waiting for you.