African Coffee

Aged Sumatra Aceh Pwani – 2007 Vintage

The cup is so intense. You need time to recover from the first sip. Immediately the coffee seems peppery, hot, with some strong charred notes, but they fade into dark syrupy sweetness. Savory-sweet balance comes through, dark liquor syrupy notes, herb and mint, aromatic woody tastes, black cherry … it’s all there, and more. Full City to Full City+.

Brazil Dry Process -Fazenda Cachoeira Alta

This is a fruit-forward coffee largely due to the fact it is dry-processed. The complex fruits include date, fig and plum, with a nice sugar-browning sweetness and heavy body. City+ to Full City roast is ideal most Brazils, this is very versatile in the roaster and shows well under various brew methods. Great SO espresso.

Cameroon Mifi Bamboutos Mountain

Shows pleasing sweet/savory notes, reminiscent of pumpkin pie or sweetened yam. Brown sugar and butter, a touch of nutmeg, roasted barley, and a long, sweet finish. City+ to Full City+.

Colombia Aguas Claras

Aguas Claras is a honeyed cup, aromatics reaching floral levels. A honey sweet cup, with matched levels of sweetness and malic acidity. Top notes of tea cake, currant, and citrus zest. Deeper roasts build a milk chocolate flavor. City to Full City+. Good for espresso.

Colombia Inzá de Cauca SWP Decaf

Layers of raw sugar flavors, along with a unique pumpernickel note. Lightly fruited with chocolate roast complexity in the mid-roast range. City+ to Full City+. Good for

Colombia Rioblanco de Herrera

What a sweet smelling coffee, honey and creamy nougat smells all through the aroma. The dry fragrance has a floral, red honey smell to it, which shifts toward baklavah pastry when adding hot water. And the cup echoes these elements, City+ roasts boasting honey, fresh apple, and a sweet pastry dough flavor. It’s a nice balance of flavors, tied together nicely by a cider-like acidity

Costa Rica Chirripo Finca Jonny

Finca Jonny is a showstopper – sweet, citrus-like acidity, grape jelly, blackberry and plum juice, and array of fruit tea notes. The finish is pristine, and FC ushers in chocolate and coconut oil flavors. City to Full City

Costa Rica Vega y Lola SWP Decaf

Balanced decaf, raw-sugar sweetness, apple note, black tea. Sweet-to-savory aspect, like tamari. C+/FC roasts boost body and sweetness. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Kaffa -Chiri Cooperative

Brown sugar sweetness, with jasmine pearl and barley tea, rose hips, and sweet lemon-like acidity. Dried fruit notes and fantastic body. City to Full City. Good for espresso

Guatemala Finca Candelaria Bourboncito

This bourboncito separation from Candelaria has clean, citric to malic brightness (and flavors), honey sweet, and a nice flavor of milk chocolate. Great dual-use coffee. CIty to Full City+. Good for espresso

Huila y Huehue SWP Decaf Blend

As a brewed coffee, Huila y Huehue cups with bold raw sugar sweetness, verging on rice syrup in Full City roasts. Raisin, cinnamon, and all-spice come out in City+ roasts. A well-balanced cup, with a surprisingly clean finish. City to Full City. Single Origin Espresso.

India Karnataka Plantation Peaberry

An interesting India coffee to say the least, refined sugar and malted barley sweetness, Asam tea, citrus oil hints. Herbaceous undercurrent, sweet basil and red bell pepper. City+ to Full City.